Actionscript 3.0 Client Library for Facebook

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All new Actionscript3.0 Client Library for Facebook Platform API .With Adobe Flash platform & Facebook platform Now you can create rich interactions for users and share it, Let your user connect to your RIA’s with face book connect and lot more features to enhance social experiences on Web.

Download available at Actionscript3.0 Client Library for Facebook
Getting started @ Facebook page on the Adobe Developer Center

Adobe AIR 1.5.1

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Adobe AIR 1.5.1 is the latest release from Adobe.

The release is more of a bug fixes and the builds are available for Windows, Mac & Linux. Downloads/Related links at adobe AIR team blog

One interesting add on is a new API InvokeEvent.reason more info on this can be found on blog entry by Oliver Goldman, a member of the AIR engineering team.

Adobe AIR 100 Million Installations

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Wow check this news at adobe air team blog. Adobe announces that Adobe AIR has been installed 100 Million times!!! And Adobe expects 80% Adobe AIR penetration by the second quarter of 2009

Read more on Adobe AIR 100 Million Installations on Adobe air blog

And also an nice article on the topic at techcrunch

Adobe AIR 1.5 now available for Linux

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Adobe announces the availability of AIR 1.5 for Linux.Now web developers can use the AIR SDK to create applications that works on Linux,Mac & Windows without any changes.

Adobe as decided to foucus on three Linux open distributions – Ubuntu, Fedora & openSUSE

Downloads & more info on Adobe AIR 1.5 for Linux

Also check out Tips on resolving application issues for Linux users

Durango Lets Mash up

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This one is cool. Now let your end users customize the AIR applications.

Durango is a framework that allows developers to build Adobe AIR applications that can be customized by end-users. Designers & Developers can now easily create prototypes and generate Flex MXML projects. These “mashable” components can be visual or non-visual

Some of the features mentioned at Adobe Labs are

1. Drag and drop components
2. Connect components to each other
3. Publish and reuse web services
4. Automatic code generation

Download Durango installer, View Durango sample applications, Durango Tutorials, FAQs more @ Durango for Adobe AIR

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