Adobe AIR 1.5.1

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Adobe AIR 1.5.1 is the latest release from Adobe.

The release is more of a bug fixes and the builds are available for Windows, Mac & Linux. Downloads/Related links at adobe AIR team blog

One interesting add on is a new API InvokeEvent.reason more info on this can be found on blog entry by Oliver Goldman, a member of the AIR engineering team.

What is Adobe AIR Marketplace ?

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Who doesn’t want to share new ideas, buzzing innovations, fantastic AIR applications or get acquainted to newer developments that bring the whole world to your desktop? From Music to Communications, Business to Games, Tools to Shopping and Travel to Science, there is something for everybody at the ADOBE AIR Marketplace. Since most of the shared applications are free, you should grab a pie of each and enjoy a whole new experience.

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Adobe AIR read and write file System – Part2

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In my last tutorial Part1 I discussed on basics of  file classes File, FileMode & FileStream and also showed an example on how to point the file object to the desktop and list all the files and directories available under desktop and display the same inside the list component.

In this tutorial shall try to show on how to use FileMode.READ & FileMode.WRITEand also discuss on Asynchronous and Synchronous methods.

FileStream class has both synchronous and asynchronous

In synchronous method you cannot invoke other actions at a same time. Imagine if you are loading a huge file using synchronous method you need to wait until the file is loaded to process other actions.

Whereas in asynchronous method, these methods can run in a background allowing other actions to run at the same time and when an asynchronous actions completes it can dispatch events to the listeners on the status like if the files is loaded or if the file is read etc.
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After hitting the market with its first version in February 2008, ADOBE AIR has come a long way and is simply becoming the first choice of more than 100 million users across the globe.

AIR started its journey with the name “Apollo” in March, 2007. After being renamed its first public beta version was released in June, 2007. The second and the third versions soon followed in the months of October and December.

This cross-platform Runtime environment is better equipped with the latest versions of Flash, Flex, HTML and AJAX and has made the user-experience more pleasant.

Now, managing huge database files is not a problem. AIR provides the leverage of storing all SQL data tables on your local machine and even protecting them using a 128-bit AES-CCM key encryption.

It successfully passed the cycling encryption-key test which is aimed at randomizing the passwords and maintaining a single user session under protected environment of a secure-cookie. XML parsers have always made the validation easy and universal in nature. With the addition of this feature, AIR has become a complete package. It also comes with important tools for security perspective to substantiate against signer revocation lists.

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Adobe AIR 100 Million Installations

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Wow check this news at adobe air team blog. Adobe announces that Adobe AIR has been installed 100 Million times!!! And Adobe expects 80% Adobe AIR penetration by the second quarter of 2009

Read more on Adobe AIR 100 Million Installations on Adobe air blog

And also an nice article on the topic at techcrunch

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